I am a photo-based artist, with an educational background in the natural sciences and 30 years of experience as a professional photographer in the editorial and commercial world.  My personal practice brings these elements of my history together, in an effort to reimagine the classic 19th-century botanical drawing, as means of investigating the nature of time, through organic forms.

I begin my process by carefully selecting visually interesting plants at farmer’s markets and flower markets and bringing them back to my studio. Here I work with the organic material I have collected in a variety of ways. For some series, I arrange plant-life into living collages for the camera, often juxtaposing them with an assortment of symbols of scientific imperialism, as a means of exploring the ideas that shape our understanding of the natural world. For other series, I store my specimens and wait patiently, observing them as they change. I find these natural objects always change with time, sometimes into abstract forms. In these instances, I wait until their shape seems ripe for the camera and, I document them individually.  I compose each specimen in a way that allows it to take on its own human-like persona. In all my series, my assemblages and portraits connect the viewer to the ecological cycles of the natural world, including their own aging and mortality.

My work has been shown in galleries, museums and group shows in North America and Europe.

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  • 2019 “Cookbook19” at MOCO - Montpellier Contemporian, Montpellier France 
  • 2018 Wave Hill-show of the series Les Botaniques Vivants, Riverdale, NY
  • 2018 The Center for Fine Art Photography - Illuminate Juried Exhibition,Fort Collins, CO
  • 2017 Center for Photographic Art - Internatinoal Juried Group Show, Carmel,CA
  • 2017 The Fence 2017 - Juried Group Show - Traveling Exhibition
  • 2017 Food: Paintings & Photography - Group Show, Beth Urdang Gallery,Boston, MA
  • 2016 AP-SF Something Personal Exhibition - Group Show, San Francisco, CA
  • 2015 Milano Art Week Ode to Food, Group Show Milan Italy
  • 2015 The Taste of Art – First Place, Boulder CO
  • 2015 McIninch Art Gallery, Discomfort Food, Manchester, New Hampshire
  • 2014 Aperture Summer Open Group Show, New York, NY
  • 2012 Dacia Gallery – Juried Group Art Show, New York, NY
  • 2012 Staten Island Museum -Juried Group Art Show, Staten Island, NY


Marlborough Gallery - 2013 through 2014


  • 2017 APA National- article about botanical work
  • 2015 Business Insider, People.com, Time.com, Washingtonpost.com, The Journal: Cut Food 
  • 2015 E-Junkie: Artist of the Week 2014 Soura Magazine: Cut Food 
  • 2014 MailOnline, Epicurious.com, Barn & Dining: Cut Food and Texture Series 
  • 2013 Feature Shoot: Cut Food 2013 Online: GizModo, My Modern Met, Yahoo News, Buzz Feed, Trendland, ABC, Saveur, Design Taxi, MSN, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily News, Visualpotluck.com: Cut Food, Idiom, and Texture Series 
  • 2012 Photographer’s i: work 


  • 2020 SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC, Family
  • 2020 Phillips Mill Photo, Bucks County, PA, 
  • 2020 AI-AP- Book 36 Chosen
  • 2020Center for Fine Art Photography-Fort Collin CO, Female in Focus, 
  • 2020Center for Photographic Art-Carmel,CA, 
  • 2020 NYC4PA, NY- From a Seed- Honorable Mention
  • 2020NYC4PA, NY- Decay-Juror’s Selection
  • 2020Communications Arts- Stop Motion Video
  • 2019AI-AP- Book 35- Memory of Absence
  • 2019 Graphis Photography Annual - Gold 
  • 2019 Tokyo International Foto Awards- Bronze 
  • 2018 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards- Honorable Mention- Fine Art Series and Still Life
  • 2018 IPA Awards- First Place 
  • 2018 PDN Taste Awards- First Place 
  • 2018 Graphis Photography Annual - Gold and Silver
  • 2018 Communication Arts Photography Annual
  • 2017 APA National Editorial
  • 2016 Communication Arts Excellence Award
  • 2016 Graphis Photography Annual Two Gold Awards
  • 2015 Graphis Photography Annual Merit Award
  • 2015 One Eyeland Photography Silver Award
  • 2014 The Art Directors Club – Merit and Bronze 
  • 2014 Graphis Photography Annual Merit Award
  • 2014 International Photography Awards – Honorable Mention
  • 2014 PDN Taste Awards – First place and Merit Award 
  • 2014 PDN One Life – Winner: Things

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